Friday, June 6, 2014

Dove Advanced Hair Series: Pure Care Dry Oil

I was so thrilled and excited when Dove Canada sent me these free samples of their new hair care line to try.  I was given the choice between the Pure Care Dry Oil or Oxygen Moisture.  My hair is naturally curly but is often frizzy and unmanageable especially with the humidity of summer.  I chose to try the dry oil as my hair really doesn't need any added volume but could definitely use some damage control and shine boosting.  The wonderful people at Dove sent my full size bottles of the product which was so nice and much better than some of the samples I have gotten in the past.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the smell.  Oh my god it is absolutely wonderful.  The product is infused with African macadamia oil and is supposed to improve the look of dry, dull hair.  My hair honestly could not be more dull or dry.  Pregnancy and product have taken a toll on my already frizzy locks so I was willing to try anything.

The shampoo has an almost oily texture.  Like putting really thick oil on your hands but it is not greasy at all.  It was so silky and smooth to touch and well like I said earlier smells great.  It lathered really well and rinsed off easily.  The conditioner was thick and covered my hair easily and also rinsed clean, leaving my head feeling quite refreshed.  The final product was the nourishing hair treatment.  I used this on my damp hair after I was out of the shower and I think this is what made the difference with my frizz.  You use 3-4 pumps of product on your damp hair after showering.  It is supposed to add shine, restore lipids and smooth.

I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference in my hair. My biggest issue with my hair is the fact that it is naturally curly and gets frizzy fast.  As my hair dries the worse the frizz gets.  I have to say since using the dry oil products my hair is way less frizzy and so much shinier.

My hair in the picture has no product in it but the hair treatment that I put in after I washed it.  It may not look like it but its feels silky and shiny and the frizz, while still there, is not as bad.

I was curious how it would work on my daughters hair.  She has thick hair like mine but with no curl at all.  We have used the Dove on her hair as well and it is shinier and healthier looking too.

Overall, I am uber impressed with this product.  I can't think of any reason to not absolutely love this product.  My hair is shinier than it has ever been and looks much less over-styled with product now.  It has been amazing for my hair and I will continue using it.

Dove really did make a great product with this.  I think I may buy the Oxygen Moisture to try on my daughter's hair as she could use some volume added to her hair.

Thanks again Dove for such a great product and the chance to try it!

Disclosure:  I was not obligated or paid to write this post in any way.  I only received the free products to try.  Everything I have written are my own opinions.


  1. wow your hair is so beautiful! awesome product :)

  2. Thanks Laurie. My hair usually has a mind of its own but this dove product really did what it claims.