Friday, November 1, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Its all done. Halloween is done and over with and I have a massive pile of candy that my kids will never eat (not that I don't let them have it, they just don't eat it) and I now have 55 days until Christmas.

Oh my god did I just say the dreaded C word. I can't believe I'm talking about Christmas. I swear I've lost a year somewhere. I found out I was pregnant with my newest little babe just before Christmas last year and now here we are 55 days from the next one. Only this year I now have 4 kids to buy for. 

This last year seems like a blur. Big chunks of 2013 are missing. I don't like this fact. It means I'm getting older and my kids are growing up too fast. My oldest will be 10 in 55 days. How can she be 10 already?  

Our life has had so many changes in the past two years. I've gotten separated, divorced, remarried and had a new baby. Life has been good to me and for that I'm so glad. Glad that I've got what I am so grateful for. I'm relatively healthy, blessed to be married to the best man on the planet an I have 4 amazing kids. I hope that the next 10 years are just as amazing as the last 2.

Well off I go, gotta start shopping, only 55 days left...

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