Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Needy Baby

I am feeling guilty.  Guilty that I don't have 3 of me.  My newest addition to our family is needy.  I am constantly feeding, bouncing, talking baby or sitting with him on me all day, every day.  My other children must feel that the baby is the only one that exists.  I love all my children equally but my time is definitely not equal.

I very rarely move from the sofa as my youngest will only sleep on me, eats every couple hours and has now gotten into the stage where if he doesn't see or hear me he will cry.  I love my little guy but I am going insane.  I stare at the same 4 walls all day long (which need to be painted so badly) and I rarely leave the house.  I can't even walk my other kids to the bus stop in the morning.

I try to get out of the house but it is so hard with this baby.  He hates his car seat and cries everytime I put him in it, so going out in the car is next to impossible.  I have tried to go for walks but those don't always go well either.

I really miss spending time with all my kids equally as well as I haven't really had any time with my hubby either. 

I'm tired, cranky and most definitely done having babies. I know that all this will pass and I will miss this time too as we all know they grow up way too fast. 

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