Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Very First Post

As I sit here typing this post, I ask myself why?  What made me make the decision to write about my life as a mom?  Who knows but I am here now and I am hoping to post lots in the days, weeks and months to come. I have some great and wonderful advice about raising kids (as I am currently parenting 4 of them) and man do I have some great funny and amusing stories too.  I think the real reason for "blogging" is to vent and speak my mind.  

Let's start at the beginning and tell you a little bit about me.  As I said above I am a mother of 4. Parenting four children is an incredibly daunting and time consuming task.  My kids range in age from my oldest being 10 in December to my newest addition being 10 weeks old.  I am sleep deprived and cranky most days and to be honest I am not entirely sure how I do it all in one day.  My youngest is extremely needy and for that last 10 weeks I have plopped my butt on my sofa and pretty much not moved.  My husband has been amazingly helpful but when you are the food source, the baby is pretty much your responsibility.  I am currently married to my second husband, Chris.  We have been married for a year and the baby is ours together.  The older three are from my first marriage which lasted almost 10 years but just wasn't meant to be. My first marriage ended for many reasons mostly due to lack of communication and too much fighting.  It was unhealthy for me and the kids so I made the decision to leave.  I met my new hubby online and to be honest, he is everything I wish I had had the first time around.  He is an amazing man who is a wonderful husband and a great role model and stepfather.  He is new to the whole baby thing but is also managing to be a great daddy too.

We are great as a team and have so far been tackling having four kids pretty well.  He is from England and is currently unable to work as we are still waiting for his visa to process so I am lucky enough to have him here with me everyday and it has been a godsend.

I am sure that as I sit here posting this (with the 5 minutes I have so generously been given) I wonder what it is that I want to accomplish with these posts.  If I accomplish nothing at all but this post with my 5 free minutes as a mom of 4 then so be it, but at least I got 5 minutes and they were all mine. 

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