Monday, October 28, 2013

Loving my Life as a Mommy

I have always wanted to be a mom. Even as a little girl I knew that I would one day raise my own babies. The only thing I didn't know when I was a little girl was how hard that task was going to be. 

My kids are pretty good kids although they still test the waters every chance they get, they are good kids.  I think as a mother I really just want my kids to grow up and be functioning adults in society.  My goal for my boys (and my daughter too) is for them to be independent, caring and loving adults.  One thing that drove me crazy about my ex was the fact that he could not do anything himself.  He can't cook, clean or do laundry and at 40 he is still living at home (where he moved after we split up) and his mom is still doing his cooking, cleaning and laundry.  My boys will not be like this. Ever.  I am going to teach them these simple things that everyone should know.  I want them to be wonderful husbands who will help around the house and not be afraid to cook and do laundry.

I definitely want the same things for my daughter too but with her I want her to be strong and independent and love herself no matter what.  I don't want her to feel the pressure of being thin and the wrong body image that our society sends out. I need her to feel that her body is a temple and that it's hers and hers alone.  I don't want her to be pressured to give that away so easily either.  I think that if I had to choose which gender is harder t parent, I will say girls.  I have to worry so much more about her.  I hope that I do a good enough job as her mom, that she knows she can always talk to me about anything and that we have a very open, honest relationship.

I hope that in 20 years, I can look at my kids and say I did a good job and they can say the same.

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