Monday, July 7, 2014

Ingenuity Baby Base 2 in 1 in Aqua #Review

I received this product for review and the first thing I can tell you is that it is lightweight and easily maneuverable.  I mean you can carry this thing with one finger.  I am sure my 10 month old could carry it.  Although it is very lightweight, it is very sturdy. You can tell that it is really well-made and the quality is great.  The versatility of this product is wonderful too.  It's size and the fact that it is lightweight, means that we can take it with us everywhere.  I can bring it out with us to restaurants, friends houses and to family get-togethers without too much space or effort expended.

I also loved he fact that all the straps that you need to attach the seat to a chair are fully integrated into the seat.  There is a compartment under the seat that holds the straps so that when you travel with it, they will always be with seat.

This was a big thing for me as I have had other seats like this and I was forever losing the straps. Attaching the seat to one of my dining chairs took only about 5 minutes and it is super secure and doesn't move at all.  The only issue is that if you don't put a little weight on the chair when you secure the bottom strap is that it does come undone.  As soon as I put my weight on the chair and pulled the strap, that thing isn't going anywhere!

I really love the fact that my youngest can now sit at the table with us for meals instead of beside us. The fact that I can now get rid of my cumbersome, huge old style high-chair and replace it with something that won't take up a lot of space as I have a really small kitchen space is a big plus as well.

Although this seat does resemble a Bumbo, it is nothing like it.  I have a Bumbo and I hate it.  I sent away for the recall because of the missing straps and now I can't even get his chunky thighs in the seat, let alone do up the straps. The Ingenuity seat has ample thigh space and his legs fit nicely with room to spare and I don't feel like it's too tight around him at all.  The other great space saver is the fact that the food/play tray is fully integrated into the seat.

It slides in under the seat for storage and can easily be pulled out at any time to use.  The only thing I found was if baby was in the seat the tray was a little harder to get out probably due to the extra weight pushing down on the seat.

I love that this seat will grow with him too.  The foam insert comes out as he gets older to give him more room and we can use it as a booster seat for when he just needs a little bit more height at the table. The other great thing with this seat is that it is super easy to clean.

My son absolutely loves being at the table with us.  He can interact with the whole family and feel like he is a part of what is going on at the table now. The seat is high enough to reach my table without any trouble and he can reach to feed himself easily.

Since all of the parts come apart, you can get all of the seat clean for the next time you use it. My only issue was that the foam insert is now stained since we had spaghetti.  I am sure that over time the stains will eventually wash off but for now, you can tell that we had spaghetti. The spaghetti didn't however stain the white part of the chair or the tray which is awesome.

Overall, I am completely in love with this seat and I love that baby is sitting with us at the table.  I am also happy to be rid of my huge high-chair that was taking up so much space in my small kitchen. I also love that this will be the only seat I will need until he no longer needs a seat at the table which will save me money in the long run as well and we all know that as parents saving money is a great thing.

I think that anyone with a small eating space will love this seat.  The other great thing is this seat is perfect for playtime as well as it can help baby stay sitting up while playing independently on the floor.  I am using it as a seat for eating as he is already moving and won't just stay in the seat to play but I wish I had had this seat when he was wanting to sit up and play but couldn't quite do it on his own yet as it would have been perfect for him.

This seat is perfect for my family and for my youngest babe.  He loves eating with us now instead of being so far away from all of us in his highchair.  I recommend this chair for any of you with little ones ready to sit with you and I know that I will be able to use this right through until my little man is big enough to reach the table without a booster.  Ingenuity really hit the mark with this seat which will be available at Toys R Us in Canada, mid-July.

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