Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Things I've found helpful in raising 4 kids

Have you ever just found something you were so glad you had found and would be upset if you couldn't have it anymore?  I have found many of these things over my parenting years, some more now that I have 4 kids.

I am forever thankful for Walmart Supercentres.  I know this sounds funny but when you are shopping for a family of 6 it is so nice to only have to make one trip to get everything I need.  Groceries, pharmacy, bakery, deli, clothes, diapers, toys ect.  All in one place and only one trip.  I am forever trying to save time and money and thankfully, Walmart supercentres do both.

I honestly have also found Twitter an amazing resource.  I have only been tweeting since November 2013 and I wish that I had started sooner. So many great parenting bloggers, mommies just like me and it's a valuable resource to get answers from companies.  I have had amazing luck getting responses from companies such as Walmart Canada, Indigo and even places to visit like the Ontario Science Centre.  It really has been a learning curve but so worth it.

Also I just joined Pinterest as well and oh my the stuff I have found is incredible!  Who knew?  Crafts, foods, stuff for the kids and most things not to expensive. I can't wait to try out some of the things I have recently pinned.

The internet overall really has been my saving grace for information (not all of it good) but mostly a easy way to gather information not only for myself but for the kids as well. It helped me find reasonably priced private singing lessons for my daughter, tubs of Lego for my son and helpful ideas for organizing my home. 

I can't wait to really get my blog up and running so that I too can help others with my tips and tricks for raising my beautiful children. 

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