Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: The Baby Bullet: My Adventure in Baby Food Making

So I decided today that I refuse to pay for baby food for my youngest child. I am so excited to try the baby bullet that I purchased today from Walmart for $59.00. I figure the cost will definitely be worth it over the course of baby's food adventures and will more than likely save me way more than $59.00.

So I decided today was as good a day as any to try it out. My little man is 7 months old now and he's had quite a few different foods so I figured why not just give him what we were having for dinner. 

Overall, I was quite impressed by the amount of stuff that came with the baby bullet. I got the bullet base (the motor), a large blender cup for making large amounts to freeze or for 7 days worth of food, a small cup for single serving, an instruction manual that also contains recipes for homemade baby food, it came with two different blades as well, one is for blending and puree and the other is for milling (if you wish to make your own version of baby cereals), a silicone container for freezing 6 portions and 6 small containers with lids and a ring that you can twist to the date you made them for refrigerating up to 3 days and a silicone spatula. I purchased an additional 6 small containers as I got them on clearance at Target.

I was quite excited to start using it as I figure I'm already feeding 5 other people it should be easy enough to fit baby in too. So I used the small blender cup which you can see in the picture on the left.  I didn't want to make too much as my son isn't really eating too much at a time.

I found the product overall very easy to use.  It was very quick too.  I had his dinner which was chicken breast, rice and mixed vegetables done before my husband was finished serving everyone else at the table.  I noticed while blending, that I had to keep adding a little water as my son still needs very fine puree but otherwise it was easy to get the consistency we needed. It was easy enough that my 5 year old would have no trouble being able to help me make the food.

I was able to get 3 servings of about 1 1/2 tbsp each from 1/4 of a large boneless chicken breast, 1 1/2 tbsp. of rice and 2 tbsp of mixed vegetables.  I used one serving for dinner and put the other two in one of the small containers.

Overall, I believe this product is going to be just what I need to save some money and be able to feed my baby knowing exactly what he is eating.  I think this product is good value for the money and I am looking forward to our adventures in baby food making.  Next I think I may try some fruit puree as those seem to be his favourite right now.

I think if you have the ability to use this product it can work well for any size family and for the price, I say you have got nothing to lose.

 **Please note I was not in any way paid for this review and these are my opinions only

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