Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glama Gal Tween Spa Media Event

Wow! Amazing! Two words that come to mind when I think about this spa for girls. My daughter Jocelyn (who is 10) and I drove out to the media event for the new Glama Gal location in Unionville.  I can tell you it was worth the drive for the smiles and absolute happiness on her face.  Not only was this the perfect thing for her and I to get some special mommy/daughter time, it is the perfect place for any tween girl anytime.

I could tell from the moment we arrived, how excited she was.  We don't very often get to spend a few hours together alone.  She was so happy for this time with me and I am glad we spent it at the Glama Gal event.

Now Jocelyn isn't really a "girly" girl, she is a lot like I was at her age, more of a tomboy I'd say but she does love to dress up and get pampered every once in awhile.  When we first walked into the Unionville location, it smelled wonderful.  It was like bubble gum and cotton candy.  Laura one of the owners of Glama Gal greeted us at the door and gave us an introduction to the spa and sent us on our way to the stations they had set up for the event.  My daughter decided to try out the Glam Lab.  What a great idea!  She got her choice of making lotion, lip gloss, bath scrub or bubble bath. What great choices!  She decided to make bubble bath. They give you a bottle and you get to pick what you put in it.  She chose strawberry and orange with glitter dust and silver stars.  She absolutely loves it!

I think what I noticed next as we walked up the stairs to the rest of the spa were all of the great quotes all over the walls.  They were inspiring, confidence building and just plain perfect!

The whole entire spa is beautifully done in pink and white and it's all very glamourous! I have never believed in a company and what they do more than I do this one. I love what the whole Glama Gal oath is truly about. Be confident, Be Positive, Be You!

I asked my daughter to write about her experience and give it me to put into this post so here is her experience with Glama Gal in Unionville:
"What really amazed me about this spa is that on the outside it looks like an old barn but on the inside it looks amazing! It's like the say it's not what you look like on the outside, it's what's inside that counts. First I went to the make your own bath stuff station. There are 4 things to choose from: Bubble bath, Lip gloss (not really bath stuff), this facial soap that looks like a sundae and lotion. I decided to choose bubble bath. Next I went to go get a manicure at the manicure station.  They painted my nails any colour you could ask for, I asked for green because it's my favourite.  They also put really cute bows on my thumbs too. After I was done with that they had a guest from my favourite show, The Next Step. They had brought one of my favourite characters from the show, Stephanie! I got a picture with her and an autograph. Afterwards I went to the food station. First I tried a juice they had called Pinkitini. It tasted amazing! They had a veggie and fruits table for the healthy side of things and cupcakes and everything for a little treat. Afterwards I went for a cucumber mist facial and hand massage. It was so relaxing! Lastly I went to the makeup station. There was a variety of cosmetics to choose from and the girl there put some eye-shadow and lip gloss on me. This was an amazing experience for me and I’m sure it will be for you too!"

And if all of that wasn't enough, they sent Jocelyn home with a bunch of goodies, including a gorgeous spa bathrobe with her name stitched on it.  She absolutely felt like a princess.  I can't wait to go again and try out their many different spa packages and I think this year, Jocelyn will be getting a very awesome birthday party here!

If you have a tween in your life whether it's your daughter, niece, granddaughter or neighbour, you owe it to her and you to have an experience at this spa.  You will leave feeling pampered, empowered, confident and above all uniquely you!

Thanks to my new friends at Glama Gal Tween Spa, I am so excited to announce that we are giving away A My First Day at the Spa package worth $60.00! This is valid at any of the Glama Gal locations (Vaughan, Ajax, Newmarket, Oakville, Toronto and Unionville).

Enter below for your chance to win!!

Disclaimer:  Although all the spa services were given to us for free, the opinions in this blog are all my own.

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