Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You've got to check this out! Anki Drive

Okay so before I start I want to state that I have in no way been paid for this review nor have I tried the product yet. This post is really just my personal opinion on the coolest new toy (and I use that term very lightly) I have learned of recently. 

It's called Anki Drive and I tell you it is the absolute coolest thing I have seen technology wise in a very long time. I am somewhat of a techie and I love all things technology based. This is better than any new product I've seen.

Let's start by saying this is not your grandpa's race car track. Not even close! I am truly amazed at this product and I haven't even tried it yet! The concept behind Anki Drive is absolutely mind blowing! AI cars that evolve as you play, what is cooler than that?

This racetrack is nothing you've seen before.  You control everything from a iPhone, iPod or iPad. The cool thing about these cars is they learn. Every time you race they get better so they can eventually kick your butt. AI at its finest. You are in total control of upgrades. Get your cars combat ready and use the garage function and points earned during races to make your car better. The more races you do the more points you earn. You can race against computer opponents or your friends.  These cars don't just try to outrun you they try to outsmart you. I guess the other great thing for me as a mom of 4 is that as long as my kids can operate an IOS device, they can play this game. 

I am in awe.  I want to put this on the Xmas list for my three boys and my hubby, okay in lie, I want it for Christmas. Honestly the price isn't even that outrageous for what you get either.  The starter pack is $199.99 and includes the track which rolls out to 3.5' by 8.5', 2 intelligent cars and charging cases, tire cleaner and fast charger.  You can also purchase 2 different tracks ($99.00 each) and they have just recently released 2 new cars ($69.00 each).

Check out this video. It's crazy!

Anki Drive

I can't wait to get my hands on one these so I can try it out for myself. I can't stop talking about it and I'm totally a fan already!  My bet is that once it's out there, this will be the biggest thing for the Christmas 2014 season.  I'm doing my part and letting you know about it now. Check out their site at and read up about it for yourself.  I know I've bookmarked the site and I look forward to the next video to come out until I get my hands on one of these myself and then I will write about it again after I've played with it.

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